Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Trend Alert

I am going to dedicate my posts on Tuesdays to talk about current trends and how you might be able to use them in your own house. 


All over decor and design blogs and boards, I am seeing chalkboard paint. It definitely can add some charm and drama to any room. 

Here are some unique uses for Chalkboard Paint:

Chalk drawn headboard. So clever! Source: FlyChicks: Almost Free Headboard Tutorial! http://bit.ly/pYRCEb

LOVE this charming wall art! Source: Love Aujourd'hui: Design Inspiration II http://bit.ly/rtWwAQ

Smart way to personalize your space. Add names to the back of your kitchen chairs. Sourced by Apartment Therapy Los Angeles http://bit.ly/r1Fvb6
DIY Chalkboard Paint 1 Cup of your favorite color paint to  2 tbs.  powder tile grout. Easy Peasy!

One of our Customized Wall murals that I think would look just DARLING with chalkboard paint is this one:
Wall Mural from www.customizedwalls.com

I would specify that I only want the drapes printed. I would trim the print tight with some sharp scissors and apply on a wall painted with black chalkboard paint. I can just see all the family's favorite movie quotes here, can't you?

Well, talk to you all later...."After all, tomorrow is another day"


  1. I love the chalkboard paint! Very cool stuff.

  2. Me too! I LOVE the kitchen chairs. Must have in my next kitchen!

  3. chalkboard paint is new trend and I love it in children's room.