Thursday, August 11, 2011

It is never too late to start doing what you love..

Today, I was on my latest obsession, and I was struck by this sign...

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I guess it appeals to me because I am 36 and starting a new business and really hoping that the past 7 months of 7 day work weeks working 14 hrs a day (not to mention the cash investment) will pay off and amount to a successful business.

Before starting this business, I had been consulting selling ink and media for large format printing. Primarily for the fine art market but I have touched quite a few markets. One thing I can say with all my years of touching, testing and yes, even smelling AND tasting printing materials, is that I know a good product when I see one. I can feel it in my bones, if you will. A sort of tingle that this will be something that people can use.

So, when I found this product, I had a big tingle. HUGE, really...right down to my toes and I just knew that this was something I would use in my own life. Everyone always says, when  you find something you would use yourself, start a business.... and I guess you could say that is just what I did.

At one point, I have rented. Being a little bit of a nomad in my early years, I rented SEVERAL apartments and houses. And each one had the same boring, white walls. I would always decorate and dress it up in my way (with whatever budget I had at the time) but I just know that I would have absolutely flipped to cheer up those standard white walls with one of these murals. Heck, I would have been happy to order one in a solid color...anything other than plain, old apartment white...

Ever the entrepreneur,  I also owned a wine shop for a few years. I was able to paint my shop and make it cute but I think how much easier it would have been if I could have done a few of these murals to set the mood. I can pictures vineyard-scapes with dark purple grapes hanging so fat and juicy you could practically taste the wine they produce. Talk about advertising...

and THEN, when we bought this house, my (at the time) 4 yr old daughter was absolutely obsessed with pink. Now, I like pink as much as the next gal but I find vast amounts to be a bit like pepto... if you know what I'm sayin'...

Anyhow, we waited a few years....Why? Well, because we were bad, horrible parents that were just plain too pooped on the weekend for painting.

When we finally got around to it, we spent a solid week (Yes, I said solid WEEK) in August (her birth month) steaming, scoring, scraping 1970s wallpaper from her walls for a birthday room makeover. Exhausting and HOT does not even BEGIN to describe it. After hauling buckets of dirty, wet, old paper and glue out of the room, we scrubbed and scrubbed the walls clean and FINALLY got to spend the next weekend taping off, priming, and painting the walls. Yep...THREE coats of pink to match the less obnoxious lighter color in her new pink and zebra bed set (did I mention she was also obsessed with zebras?).

BUT, when she finally saw it she screamed and yelled and hugged with such excitement that it was totally worth it........Sort of ;)

This is When we were ALMOST finished the pink RE-DO

We made this Warhol-esqe Large print of her to hang over the bed. Cool, huh?

Well, unfortunately, she is SO OVER pink now that she is the ripe, old age of 10 (my baby is growing up *sigh*), and just LOVES everything BLUE. Here we go again!

This time, we are going to paint the room a more sellable neutral color and buy crisp white and aqua bedding.....And the BELOW mural on one wall. I think it will have some milage into the teen years, don't you?

She is a little surfer it works great... 

But, I digress......

When I saw this product, I saw something that I know I would have, and WILL use. My hope that others will want to use it too.

So, here is to all of US who are just starting something new.....may we "master" our new pursuits as well as Julia Mastered the Art of French Cooking!


  1. Great post! I love the idea for her new bedroom. I'm sure it will look gorgeous!

  2. THANKS!!! I am getting a little better (when I spend time on it ;)

    Yes, we are excited for the re-do. We are going through clothes and toys now for a clean(er) slate...UGH!