Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cleanliness is next to Godliness...

I know most of my blog is about home design but I just had to share this awesome cleaning tip. 

I have a vintage gas stove/ oven. It works (most of the time) perfectly and looks super cool. It came with the house and we soon realized that the gas heater on the side was worth it's weight in gold. I live in NH and sometimes we get so much snow it takes down power lines. Our super cool stove in addition to turning out my culinary masterpieces can heat the whole bottom floor in the event our power goes out. Pretty snazzy, huh? 

It looks kinda like this:

So, ya it looks great BUT is a Pain in the booty to clean. The white enamel gets grease caked on faster than you can say "Shake and Bake". I can not tell you the amount of cleaners (as many as 60!) I have tried to clean this monster and though I could get it clean, it just would never get some of the black, hardened bits no matter how much I scrubbed or soaked it. Talk about FRUSTRATING!!!

Recently, I was reading a tip that said I could throw the grills and any detachable parts in a bag with ammonia for the night and I wouldn't have to scrub, it would just come totally clean. This seemed like a total fairytale but I gave it a try....

And, low and behold! It WORKED!!! Every baked on, caked on black bit just came off with a rinse and sponge. It now is gleaming like BRAND NEW!

So, now I am on a Bag o' Ammonia kick! I have cleaning the gas grill outside, microwave plate, shower heads, and pretty much anything laying around that has a built-up hard stains.

So, give it a try on your grills. It works!

Installation Video:


  1. sweet stove!looks like mid to late 50s?

  2. Yes! I love it...even though it really doesn't always bake evenly...;)