Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pantone Color of the Year- Tangerine Tango for Custom Printed Wallpaper, Murals, and More!

Last week, the color of the year was announced by Pantone. It is a bright and fiery orange tone that reminds me a lot of a classic Hermes scarf on a bright New England Fall day. 

This color leads to lots of fun wall art designs that will brighten any room.

 This painting reproduction wall mural size would add lots of romance and drama to a bedroom, living room, or even hallway or alcove.

 I love this image for a cozy reading area or dining room. Squint and picture it as your very own custom wallpaper.

 Ah, a sunset colored image of a world map. Kind of makes you think of buried treasure! Would be ideal in a boys room or even the family den!
 We lived in Arizona for a time and I miss the painted evening skies. Oranges of browns are very hip colors for 2012. Maybe it's time to try something a little Western in your living room or family room murals?
 This photograph is just about the most gorgeous I have ever seen. In a wall mural, it would be a total show stopper.
 This faux stone would warm up an area and make you feel right at home in any room. You could use it on walls, stairs, bookcases, and more.

 Ah, Broadway! Nothing better than the bright lights of NYC for your theater lover. This would have been awesome in my room as a teenager!

 My daughter's BFF is very much into elephants and every time I see this adorable photo, I think of her. Don't you think she would LOVE it in her bedroom?

 50's vintage art is very much in vogue. Perhaps this mural would be perfect for your TV room or home theater.
 Living in New Hampshire, this reminds me of home. I can see this wall mural on any wall in the house.
What a fun vintage hexagon paper. You really could use this on any smooth surface in your home. Think backsplash, cabinet doors, ceilings, walls, and more. It is fun and bright and certainly would make you happy when you passed by!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Photo Wallpaper Installation

So, It has been a long week of bringing the kids back and forth from practices and functions and I have a minute to check in with all our readers. 

I hope that you are getting through the holiday season well and that you are not overwhelmed with all the gifts you need to buy and things you need to do.

To relax you, I show some of the coolest and zen like photo wall mural installations we have here at customized walls. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Time for this Customized Walls Staffer Should Come in Print!

So, I have NO EXCUSE not to be blogging these days. Work plus 3 kids to schlep to parties and sleepovers during this holiday season has actually left me with a little bit of time to myself. However, I have used that spare time to READ. I am a pretty avid reader all the time for the most part but lately, I have been reading even more than usual.

Books that I have been obsessed with: 

My daughter has been reading my copies of The Hunger Games trilogy which has me re-reading and so excited to chat with her about them. Bel is 10 and this is the first series that she has read of "my books". It is so fun to read through with her and chat. Our own little book club, if you will...

This book had me on my toes. "It begins as a twenty something Christine wakes up in a stranger's bed unable to remember how she got there. She quickly learns some disturbing facts: the stranger is her husband, Ben who she can't remember at all, she is middle aged and has forgotten most of her life and she suffers from a rare form of amnesia where she can't retain memories from day to day. As she's trying to cope with all of this information, she stumbles across something more bizarre--a journal where she's been recording her recollections of recent day's events beginning with the title page on which she has scrawled, "Don't Trust Ben!" EEK!

A Novel with a well researched look into a slice of the life of Ernest Hemingway. I knew little more than middle to high school knowledge of his life. This dramatic love story starts off where Ernest met his first wife, Hadley Richardson (whom he  has much quoted in saying he wished he lived life only having loved her). 

The Paris Wife stimulated my interest in Hemingway so much at I've since purchased A Moveable Feast for my iPad.

So, what have you been up to this fine holiday season?

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hi All!

So sorry it has taken me so long to blog.

Believe me, I do have some excuses though and it's not quite as lame as the dog ate my blog....

First off, last week NH got hit by 2 feet of snow! Now, this is sometimes the norm deep in January but certainly NOT in October! Major problems hit because all the leaves have not dropped yet making the limbs super heavy and breaking trees all over the place. My city was hit particularly hard and many of my friends and relatives were without power for most of the week......INCLUDING the schools! Soooo...I had the kids home for 3 school days and was majorly playing catchup the rest of the week.

And,  because we were all cramped in with the unseasonable weather, I was struck down by the mother of all colds and actually DID sleep through most of the weekend! I looked half dead and absolutely NOTHING like this...

And much more like this:

And to top it all off.....I was outside with the kids in the snow and somehow sprained my knee!

BUT....Some good things also did happen while I have been away.

Business is good and we are printing away! We have recently been printing photo booth wall murals for your room or hallway. Pretty cool, huh?

AND, I booked our family vacation to HAWAII!!!!! I am soooo excited to take the kids and get some fun in the sun. We booked for February vacation which is my favorite time to leave NH. It is just about when I have lost my mind in all the snow and freezing rain. SO, I will be sitting back and enjoying this view:

A pretty cool thing happened after we booked too...We wanted to spend some time in Honolulu but wanted some down time too. I found a resort on the windward side of Oahu that seemed more laid back and less crowded (way more my speed on vacation). I was all set to book but the hotel was booked on their website so I went to expedia and booked them. I thought it meant that maybe they just had a block of rooms for sites like that... Well, the next day I got an email to call expedia and was told that the hotel I booked with was going out of business. Expedia kindly offered to upgrade us to a hotel on the North Shore and one of the few hotels not in the hustle and bustle of Waikiki. Incidentally, it is also where they have filmed a BUNCH of movies and TV shows...Most famously Forgetting Sarah Marshall, recently Soul Surfer, parts of the property were in LOST, Cougar Town Hawaii episode...and many more!

It looks like this:

AND....Last but not least...I am DONE Christmas Shopping!!!! Most of the gifts for the kids are travel themed, snorkel gear, and luggage so it was easy this year but I can not tell you how glad I am to be DONE!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO...I hope you all have been well! Fill me in...What have you been up to?

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Trend Alert- Pixels! Even Wall Murals!

Hello from RAINY NH! 

Yesterday we had just the smallest but certainly gorgeous bit of sunshine. I hopped outside for a walk and am so glad I did...Because today, we are back to a winning week worth of RAIN! UGH! These dark and dreary days can be a bit depressing so I really do try to do anything I can to keep my mood up (like watching re-runs of the Golden Girls or Veronica Mars when I can sneak away).

Another way to keep my mood going? Trend Hunting...Yup, I like to scour the internet for the hottest trends and try like heck to make sure that my business says hot and sassy. Even as I speak, I have about 100 images sitting in my database to be cataloged and added to the site. You will have to stay tuned because some of the images are SURE to become BEST SELLERS! 

So, on this fine Tuesday, Let's talk Pixels!

I have been in the printing business since I got out of college. My first job was at a printer supply company that sold everything from rolls of paper to gorgeous silk and my customers made signs to fine art reproduction. I have to admit, I was always drawn to the art side and probably have sold more canvas and watercolor paper than Michaels Crafts! And in all that time the bane of our existence was PIXELS! To make a really nice reproduction, you need smooth transitions of color. If we had a pixelated image, we started over...

So you can color me shocked that the latest craze is pixels. Who knew? But I do have to admit that I LIKE it! Below you will find my best and coolest examples of pixels. 

I Love this Bag! 

A Pixel Couch would rock in my pad (and may hide all the spilled juice stains from the kids)

Maybe my next Halloween Costume?

Pixels on your wall would be easy peasy at We can even pixelate ANY image. Just email me at
So, What do you think of this hot, new trend? Love it or hate it? Drop me a comment and lemme know what you think.....

Ciao for Now! 


Monday, October 3, 2011

Redecorating Your Bedroom with Wall Murals!

Hi all! Hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend!

After an EXHAUSTING day of cleaning my house, I sat down with a glass of wine and pinned away on I LOVE this site. I do pin my murals for some marketing but I really love to look at all the home decor, recipes, and more. It gives me so much inspiration to be creative as possible as I can in my new business

So, as I was pinning, I saw some absolutely GORG bedrooms that I would very much love as is but imagined what wall murals I would pick from my selection to tszuj up...if you know what I'm saying... ;)

LOVE this bedroom and Chartreuse is one of my new fav colors!

Now, Imagine it with this cool LA Sunset. You like?

I do like this VERY formal and grown-up bedroom but....

Change the brown to MATCH the Beige and this would give a dramatic point of interest to an otherwise boring room!

Love this room! But If we replaced the pink cherry blossoms with this...

I love that it adds the pink to plum and mimics the circles you see in the chandelier. I might pump up the plum to really match the paint color

What do you think?

Remember to follow our BLOG! 

Installation Video:



Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, y'all! Hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend. I had a very relaxing one spent with the kids. It was a bit chilly so we all went outside and made a teepee with branches and sheets and played a Indian game. The kids had a blast and we ended a long day of running around with a nice dinner of Shepherd's Pie. The littles RAVED and gave me many thumbs up (which is always nice).

Today, it is back to work and I am especially happy because it is my BFF's Birthday. We have known each other her whole life! She is younger than I am (darn it) so when it is her birthday, I am all about teasing her that she is catching up to me and therefore very old! Wait a minute.....that doesn't sound good! I am NOT old...I sometimes feel like that 26 yr old (even though I am 10 yrs older -EEk)

We were 18 and 22 at Canobie Lake Park

NYC for the Fourth of July

Old and new, you can tell we like to have fun! We have some of the very best laughs together. She has been there for me when I have been sad and there to celebrate all the good things in my life. Friends and family through and through. Lots of Love to Emily on her very special day!

What do you do with YOUR best friends?

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lunch out with friends- Makes me think Restaurant or Kitchen Murals..YUM!

Today I am going out to lunch with one of my good friends, Beverly. I could use the break for sure.

The restaurant and kitchen murals have been very popular. Customers have been so happy with the results that they have recommended us to everyone they know.

Our easy to install peel and stick fabric adds an elegant touch and really sets the mood. We have scenes of Italy, modern patterns, Huge graphic flowers and many more to add a special touch to your restaurant or business.

Below are some murals we have done for kitchens restaurants. Does it make you say YUM?

Perfect for that small little Italian eatery. Can't you picture sipping a glass of Vino with this view?

Some restaurants have no windows. Here is a built in gorgeous view sure to make you relax while enjoying your meal.

Fresh and clean flower perfect for a modern space.

Modern treatment to wine bottles in a wine rack. Great for those contemporary spaces.

This retro print reminds me of Mad Men sipping martinis.

This lovely coral image would brighten up any space and makes me think seafood or sushi.

I have a HUGE wine cork collection even though I never use them. This image would be fantastic in a wine bar.

Ahhh...A glass of wine in this modern print. I have this in my own kitchen.

Modern tiger stripes. Perfect for any space.

Wine bottles galore!

Bon Appetit!

Have a Gorgeous day and be sure to stop by at our store!