Monday, October 3, 2011

Redecorating Your Bedroom with Wall Murals!

Hi all! Hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend!

After an EXHAUSTING day of cleaning my house, I sat down with a glass of wine and pinned away on I LOVE this site. I do pin my murals for some marketing but I really love to look at all the home decor, recipes, and more. It gives me so much inspiration to be creative as possible as I can in my new business

So, as I was pinning, I saw some absolutely GORG bedrooms that I would very much love as is but imagined what wall murals I would pick from my selection to tszuj up...if you know what I'm saying... ;)

LOVE this bedroom and Chartreuse is one of my new fav colors!

Now, Imagine it with this cool LA Sunset. You like?

I do like this VERY formal and grown-up bedroom but....

Change the brown to MATCH the Beige and this would give a dramatic point of interest to an otherwise boring room!

Love this room! But If we replaced the pink cherry blossoms with this...

I love that it adds the pink to plum and mimics the circles you see in the chandelier. I might pump up the plum to really match the paint color

What do you think?

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Installation Video:




  1. I want the purple bedroom, but Jim would kill me!! :)


  2. Your room would look AWESOME purple!!! You have such a big room that a darker color would look great! Maybe I will come over and we can paint it while Jim is skiing...SHHHHHH! lol

  3. Nothing quite as awesome as shag carpet underfoot first thing in the morning, cozy & tickly all at the same time. Love them all but the purple is my favorite too. We're about to close on a house and have a lot of thinking to do on how we want our master suite set up...thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Ya...I am partial to the purple also! And though I LOVE the purple shag, I had the most hideous 70's orange shag in my first apartment...Not sure I am totally over the horror yet...;)

    Good Luck on the closing!!!! How is the market in AZ? Was CRAZY when we left!!!