Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, y'all! Hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend. I had a very relaxing one spent with the kids. It was a bit chilly so we all went outside and made a teepee with branches and sheets and played a Indian game. The kids had a blast and we ended a long day of running around with a nice dinner of Shepherd's Pie. The littles RAVED and gave me many thumbs up (which is always nice).

Today, it is back to work and I am especially happy because it is my BFF's Birthday. We have known each other her whole life! She is younger than I am (darn it) so when it is her birthday, I am all about teasing her that she is catching up to me and therefore very old! Wait a minute.....that doesn't sound good! I am NOT old...I sometimes feel like that 26 yr old (even though I am 10 yrs older -EEk)

We were 18 and 22 at Canobie Lake Park

NYC for the Fourth of July

Old and new, you can tell we like to have fun! We have some of the very best laughs together. She has been there for me when I have been sad and there to celebrate all the good things in my life. Friends and family through and through. Lots of Love to Emily on her very special day!

What do you do with YOUR best friends?

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lunch out with friends- Makes me think Restaurant or Kitchen Murals..YUM!

Today I am going out to lunch with one of my good friends, Beverly. I could use the break for sure.

The restaurant and kitchen murals have been very popular. Customers have been so happy with the results that they have recommended us to everyone they know.

Our easy to install peel and stick fabric adds an elegant touch and really sets the mood. We have scenes of Italy, modern patterns, Huge graphic flowers and many more to add a special touch to your restaurant or business.

Below are some murals we have done for kitchens restaurants. Does it make you say YUM?

Perfect for that small little Italian eatery. Can't you picture sipping a glass of Vino with this view?

Some restaurants have no windows. Here is a built in gorgeous view sure to make you relax while enjoying your meal.

Fresh and clean flower perfect for a modern space.

Modern treatment to wine bottles in a wine rack. Great for those contemporary spaces.

This retro print reminds me of Mad Men sipping martinis.

This lovely coral image would brighten up any space and makes me think seafood or sushi.

I have a HUGE wine cork collection even though I never use them. This image would be fantastic in a wine bar.

Ahhh...A glass of wine in this modern print. I have this in my own kitchen.

Modern tiger stripes. Perfect for any space.

Wine bottles galore!

Bon Appetit!

Have a Gorgeous day and be sure to stop by at our store!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So sorry I have not been blogging!

I have spent the last week finalizing our website. Last month, we had to switch developers in order to get our vision online the way we wanted. Overall it has almost been a year of thought and hard work to get us here. I appreciate all the encouragement and tips from all my friends and family! It has been so awesome to see things come together in such an amazing way. 

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, with that, I hope you enjoy the new site! 

Please check it out at

I would appreciate your comments and thoughts!!

Have a wonderful day!!!