Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Time for this Customized Walls Staffer Should Come in Print!

So, I have NO EXCUSE not to be blogging these days. Work plus 3 kids to schlep to parties and sleepovers during this holiday season has actually left me with a little bit of time to myself. However, I have used that spare time to READ. I am a pretty avid reader all the time for the most part but lately, I have been reading even more than usual.

Books that I have been obsessed with: 

My daughter has been reading my copies of The Hunger Games trilogy which has me re-reading and so excited to chat with her about them. Bel is 10 and this is the first series that she has read of "my books". It is so fun to read through with her and chat. Our own little book club, if you will...

This book had me on my toes. "It begins as a twenty something Christine wakes up in a stranger's bed unable to remember how she got there. She quickly learns some disturbing facts: the stranger is her husband, Ben who she can't remember at all, she is middle aged and has forgotten most of her life and she suffers from a rare form of amnesia where she can't retain memories from day to day. As she's trying to cope with all of this information, she stumbles across something more bizarre--a journal where she's been recording her recollections of recent day's events beginning with the title page on which she has scrawled, "Don't Trust Ben!" EEK!

A Novel with a well researched look into a slice of the life of Ernest Hemingway. I knew little more than middle to high school knowledge of his life. This dramatic love story starts off where Ernest met his first wife, Hadley Richardson (whom he  has much quoted in saying he wished he lived life only having loved her). 

The Paris Wife stimulated my interest in Hemingway so much at I've since purchased A Moveable Feast for my iPad.

So, what have you been up to this fine holiday season?

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