Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Sound of Silence

As I sit watching the sun come up over the Golf of Mexico this morning, I stunned by a sound not often heard by a parent, the sound of silence.

This week, I am working from Venice, FL. My grandparents bought a beautiful beach condo in the late 80's and as a teen and young adult, I would visit once a year in February. My grandparents always made the place so wonderful for us. There is a pool and a beach across the street. My Gram would get up and make us all breakfast every morning and my Grandpa would ask us what we wanted to do for the day: batting range, mini golf, beach...whatever.....Usually, I wanted to hit Beach or Sarasota Mall to shop and well, meet cute boys....Lets just say I have lots of good memories here ;)

The Pier by Sharkey's Crew getting a little CRAZY!!
Body surfing FUN!

Interesting because we just do not often spend time alone and it makes me think of the time before we had kids (which it's like I have mentally blocked and honestly don't remember much of). And what it will be like when they are older...spending more time with friends than the 'rents and going off to school.

Making a meal just for two, relaxing after dinner with a glass of wine, and not having to worry who brushed their teeth, got dressed, knows where their backpack is, etc... I highly recommend it. Since this is the longest my husband and I have been alone since the honeymoon, I think I lost sight of that.
Now, that I am a mother, I have been here with the kids for our vacations and I pretty much do for them what my grandparents did for me. I make it centered around good family fun. They love it and I really prefer it to hitting Orlando where all the parks are. It is slower and more restful and I can use that in my life.

Sand Angel
This time though, I am here tagging along on a business trip with my husband. He is working during the day...and so am I and my mum and her husband are watching the kids and taking care of all my responsibilities for the week at home. And I gotta tell you, I LOVE it! I really and I do mean REALLY love being a mum. I love the hugs and kisses and stories and just the whole excitement of having little ones around. Watching them grow and learn new things (especially when you teach them) is pretty awesome. What I don't love so much is the fighting and bickering and complaining which with kids, let's face it, is pretty much an every day thing. And for this week, I don't have to hear it at all. I can't even begin to tell you how relaxing and at the   same time interesting it is.

So, I guess I think ALL parents should try to do this once and while. Get away alone and just BE with each other. Reconnect with your spouse and with yourself....and try on that part of you that is just you...not taking care of someone else...

Something to think about...


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